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my newly discovered star constellation – The Giant Space Bee

If there are as many stars out there in the universe as we are led to believe and if we had powerful enough eyes (plus a bit of imagination) could we have any number of unnamed star constellations?

So, introducing the Giant Space Bee.

Is it safe to assume then that the Giant Space Bee is up there, looking down on us from every concievable angle if we had powerful enough eyes?

Hilden Indian Summer and Cassiopeia

Thursday night was so mild that I was able to sit outside and look up at the night sky from my backyard. Directly above was the distinctive little star formation that looks like a ‘W’. For years I have noticed the ‘W’ but never asked for its proper name.

Until this morning that is.

The beautiful ‘W’ in the sky is called Cassiopeia (after a beautiful but vain queen in Greek mythology).
The star at the bottom of the 2nd V in the W shape is over 500 times brighter than the sun and 230 light year away.
Imagine that.
If we had entered a rocket that could travel at the speed of light 230 years ago (the time William Pitt the Younger was entering Parliament) we would be only reaching the star now.

The night sky could simply blow your mind up.