considering the bullfinch

I was having an afternoon when I was feeling real low, things where getting me down, looking out the study window when I notice a whirr of wings by the window box of violas and pansies and a female bullfinch appears in our yard, a moment of grace because I have never noticed a bullfinch in our yard before. What was weird about this bullfinch was that I was just about to head up to the post office to post a book I had sold to a lady in the US, a book of Irish birds with a little hand doodled card of a bullfinch in the tree on the Lagan towpath, the only other time I had spotted one round these parts.So I doodled another picture of the bullfinch standing on a bottle of Magners/Bulmer, resting from eating Helen’s pansies and violas. This might seem strange but sometimes I think God sends birds as gentle reminders of things.