The Sound of My Own Voice.


Let me tell you why I don’t sing.

I don’t like my voice.

I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

I think that I’m alright on the guitar but I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

So I have decided to get a voice generator to generate a voice, a robot voice,
a voice that isn’t my voice,
a generic voice,
the voice of the machine,
the voice of the computer,
the machine-voice instead of the human voice,
does this robot voice sound better than my voice?

People use auto tune now so much.
They use those voice modulation devices that Cher used.

Why not just stop singing altogether and just cut out the middle man and get the computer voice to sing?

It is like The Matrix
We are too attached to machines and computers.

We are loosing our humanity behind glass screens.

(Unless we fight back)

Let’s take back what it means to be human from machines.
Let’s take back what it means to be human from machines.
Let’s take back what it means to be humans from machines.
Let’s take back what it means to be human.

walking in the dark

I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish the last couple of days, somewhere between feeling useless and not really cut out for normal living in today’s society. Maybe a bit frustrated as well? I don’t know, maybe we all feel like that from time to time.

Anyway, so last night I wasn’t in the best of form and had cracked open a box of stollen from LIDL and started munching through it and the next thing I knew I was walking into Belfast City centre up the Lisburn Road at 4.30am determined to make a music video for a song I had recorded last Christmas.

I just bunged all the photos I took in order (well except for the bits when I added them to the wrong places and can’t be bothered fixing), added the sound and saved. Total production cost, a coffee and early morning Fanta (it actually tastes OK before 7) and bus fare home.

too much information

‘The fact is, there are very few political, social, and especially personal problems that arise because of insufficient information. Nonetheless, as incomprehensible problems mount, as the concept of progress fades, as meaning itself becomes suspect, the Technopolist stands firm in believing that what the world needs is yet more information’

‘Attend any conference on telecommunications or computer technology, and you will be attending a celebration of innovative machinery that generates, stores, and distributes more information, more conveniently, at greater speeds than ever before. To the question ‘What problem does the information solve?’ the answer is usually ‘How to generate, store, and distribute more conveniently, at greater speeds than ever before’
This is the elevation of information to a metaphysical status: information as both the means and end of human creativity.’

Neil Postman,Technopoly p 61

tunnel vision laptop

Everytime I walk through this tunnel I feel weird. The dark edges around the side and top of my vision is ignored while I am focused entirely on the rectangle of light. Nowhere else on towpath walk do I feel like this.
There is so much of field of vision that is discounted and ignored because it is dark and the bright square draws me in. I walk towards the light. It seems normal.

It reminds me of my field of vision when I am using this laptop. Yet I know that unlike the tunnel when there is nowhere to go and see only walls, there are doors and open space. Life is happening around the edges of this glass screen, open spaces and places I need to start looking. It is time to get loose the tunnel vision.

don’t be a l.i.a.r (Low Information to Action Ratio)

(Clearing out some notebooks and scraps of paper…sorry, loads of posts coming all at once, probably in bit and pieces to make it easier to tag and categorise…trying to tidy the study)

Neil Postman talks about people having a low information to action ratio. Me defined I guess.

“The tie between information and action has been severed. Information is now a commodity that can be bought and sold, or used as a form of entertainment, or worn like a garment to enhance one’s status. It comes indiscriminately, directed at no one in particular, disconnected from usefulness; we are glutted with information, drowning in information, have no control over it, don’t know what to do with it.”

Being informed doesn’t make you wise