New Beer’s Resolution


The New Beer’s Resolution has been bubbling away, a few new beers have been tried and some have likely been forgotten, not through drunken revelry but because I forgot to record it at the time.
Once again I’m reminded the experience of a beer can change depending on your mood drinking it, the atmosphere of the pub. I’ve tried the Porterhouse Oyster stout a few times and didn’t particularly rate it, then I had one tonight and would nearly rate it my favourite beer of the year. I wasn’t in a particularly cheery mood either as  we can see from the drawing, but it just tasted good with beef crisps.

Thornbridge Chiron
Of Foam and Fury
(Jarl – last year)
Hurricane Jack
Porterhouse Oyster Stout (on a good night, lower on other nights)

Mojacar Craft Beer
Celt Bleddyn ?

Bonaparte’s Stout

Beerd Monterey
Blacks Black
Porterhouse Plain
Brewfist Caterpillar
Old Henry

Towncrier Hobsons

Metalman Pale Ale

Stormy Port
Kill Your Darlings
Knockmealdown Porter
Buried at Sea

Howling Gale Ale
White Gypsy Amber Pale Ale
Brú Rua

Hobsons Champion Mild
Five Lamps
Kinnegar Rustbucket Rye Ale
Franciscan Well Shandon Stout

thirty five


So I turned 35 yesterday and thought I’d make  playlist with 35 songs I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to while I’ve been here in Lambeg. Maybe it is a bit self indulgent, but it’s my birthday (or was my birthday) and I’ll make playlists if I want to. And if you make one for your birthday I’ll listen to it.

This is partly out of thankfulness for music helping me the last few years when life has been harder going that I would have liked it to be. I’m not a huge music fan as in going to concerts or being fanatical about some new music that everyone should listen to. But I do enjoy it (like most people). Music connects and gets into parts that nothing else can quite reach. I caught a snippet of Bruce Cockburn singing on ‘Child of the Wind’ the other night

‘The best roads of all
Are the ones that aren’t certain
One of those is where you’ll find me
Till they drop the big curtain

Really Bruce? The best roads of all are the ones that aren’t certain? I wish I could believe that sometimes, especially when life seems to uncertain but perhaps there is something to what you’re saying so I’ll roll with it.


300 onions all over again

Sometimes while sorting out the study I’ll find a notebook of some doodles I made on New Years Eve 2008, a time of uncertainty in our lives. We didn’t know if we would be moving back to Belfast or Northern Ireland from Dublin, whether we where coming or going.



Well to cut a long story short we did move and now 4 and a bit years later, I’m starting to feel the same again, except probably worse.
We might be moving on, or will be moving but we don’t really know when or where we’re moving too. Things are uncertain. I know that things are always uncertain for everyone, we never really know what is coming around the corner so in a way we should just take each day as it comes. But it’s not that easy. This whole church business seems to add extra angles that other people mightn’t have to worry about. Is that right?

So I’m feeling really unsettled. How long have we left here? Where will we be? Some probably think it an exciting thing but to be honest that wouldn’t be the thought that first comes to mind. It’s a bit scary. Maybe I should embrace the change or enjoy the ride. If only things were that easy!

acrylic procrastination

One of my resolutions for 2013 (because I’m old school sometimes and like that sort of thing) was to try some painting, something which I had never really tried before for different reasons.

One of those reasons is that there just isn’t much room in the house,
another reason is that jars of water and my clumsiness are a recipe for disaster,
another reason if you want another one is that I don’t really know what I’m supposed to  be doing,
perhaps another is that I wasn’t sure if I’d really enjoy it,
and another reason that I wasn’t sure what to paint.

Oh, and a few more. Paint and canvas can be expensive especially if  like me you would be fond of slapping it on. I can’t really afford to be experimenting to much in a cramped little room.

Maybe the main reason though (for me anyway) is that there are so many options and ways to go that it is hard to know when to stop or begin, what I’m even trying to achieve. We see so many images everyday that we can become image exhausted or image hyper active that I wonder what you can bring to the party. It’s like that in music. There is so much music that when you’re writing a song it’s hard to think what else you can bring to the party. Maybe it’s like that with writing as well, I don’t know.

In a way maybe you’ve just got to step out in faith and give it a go, ‘risk it for a biscuit’ and all that. Still another side of me says ‘What’s the point of putting all this effort in if you’re not really sure what you’re doing’. Which ends up tiring me out and makes me decide to walk to Lisburn instead. *To maybe buy paints. Which I think might help. But I’m not sure for certain. So will the money be a waste. Perhaps I should think about that more. Procrastination. Etc Etc.*