my newly discovered star constellation – The Giant Space Bee

If there are as many stars out there in the universe as we are led to believe and if we had powerful enough eyes (plus a bit of imagination) could we have any number of unnamed star constellations?

So, introducing the Giant Space Bee.

Is it safe to assume then that the Giant Space Bee is up there, looking down on us from every concievable angle if we had powerful enough eyes?

the plough pt I – names

The Big Dipper – North America

the Plough – England
the Saucepan –  England
the Butcher’s CleaverEngland

the Starry Plough – Ireland

Charles his waine,
Charles’ Wain,
Charlie’s Waggon – England

Karlavagnen, Karlsvogna, or Karlsvognen – Scandinavia

Großer Wagen (Great Cart) – Germany

Grote Beer ( Big Bear), Steelpannetje (saucepan) –  Holland

Otava – Finland

Göncölszekér (“Göncöl’s cart”)  – Hungary

The Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper” – Eastern Asia

北斗七星; pinyin: běidǒu qīxīng – China

北斗七星, hokutoshichisei – Japan

북두칠성, Bukduchilseong – Korea

chòm sao Bắc Đẩu – Korea

Buruj Biduk (The Ladle) – Malayasia

Seven Gods (Долоон бурхан) – Mongolia

from wikipedia