New Beer’s Resolution


The New Beer’s Resolution has been bubbling away, a few new beers have been tried and some have likely been forgotten, not through drunken revelry but because I forgot to record it at the time.
Once again I’m reminded the experience of a beer can change depending on your mood drinking it, the atmosphere of the pub. I’ve tried the Porterhouse Oyster stout a few times and didn’t particularly rate it, then I had one tonight and would nearly rate it my favourite beer of the year. I wasn’t in a particularly cheery mood either as  we can see from the drawing, but it just tasted good with beef crisps.

Thornbridge Chiron
Of Foam and Fury
(Jarl – last year)
Hurricane Jack
Porterhouse Oyster Stout (on a good night, lower on other nights)

Mojacar Craft Beer
Celt Bleddyn ?

Bonaparte’s Stout

Beerd Monterey
Blacks Black
Porterhouse Plain
Brewfist Caterpillar
Old Henry

Towncrier Hobsons

Metalman Pale Ale

Stormy Port
Kill Your Darlings
Knockmealdown Porter
Buried at Sea

Howling Gale Ale
White Gypsy Amber Pale Ale
Brú Rua

Hobsons Champion Mild
Five Lamps
Kinnegar Rustbucket Rye Ale
Franciscan Well Shandon Stout