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globalised farming

I think these rough scribbles and notes came from a book called ‘So We Shall Reap’ by Colin Tudge which I read a while back.


In the USA/UK/Europe some desirable pinnacle of civilisation and humanity has been reached.
This means that those in ‘developing’ (developing to what?)countries should aim to be like us for rich people are obviously doing something right while poor people are doing  something wrong.

Sustainable development.

‘Is it more important to increase a countries wealth or do the problems lie with better distribution of wealth?’

The only way for poor countries to develop (eradicate wealth etc) is to join the WTO and trade on the global market and one of the biggest (biggest?)commodities that poor countries have is agriculture.

Third world countries are being asked to ‘develop’ by globalizing their own agriculture.


Farmers in these countries are encouraged to ‘modernize’ their farming to allow them to compete on the global markets.
This might mean more machines, more chemistry, more biotech and a movement from traditional farming which they are told is inadequate for competing in todays global markets.

traditional farming ——–> industrial farming

Third world countries need to develop like us and move from agriculture to a service economy.