defence spending MADNESS/WRONGNESS

I spent some of my mother-in-laws Christmas gift of a  Waterstone’s book token on a book called ‘The Value of Nothing’ by Raj Patal. Reading it on the train home from Belfast I read this passage which gives an idea of the amount of money governments spend on defence spending. I knew it was big, but not this big…

‘In the midst of recessionary cutbacks, defense is one of the government line items that has continued to expand. In 2008 nearly $1.5 trillion dollars were spent on defense worldwide. To borrow a trick from the brilliant essayist John Lanchester, if you were to count at a dollar per second, it’d take twelve days to count to a million, thirty-one years to count a billion, and for a trillion, a thousand-fold more, it’d take six times all recorded history.’
The Value of Nothing, Raj Patel