pig/church calculation?

This is only a rough guess to try and get a  rough figure but how many pigs  would we need to supply approx. 200 church families with all their pig related goods for a year?

And how much land would that use?

I’m assuming that a church would want to do right by the pigs and treat them in a nice, ethical way which would mean not factory farming them. We would want to give them plenty of space to rummage and roll about in the muck.

From here and here I am taking a figure of ~40kg of pig per person in the church, which would give us a figure of 100kg or more of pig per family per year. (Yet that’s suggests that a family eats about 2kg of pig per week?!That couldn’t be right could it??)

According to the website the average weight of a slaughtered pig  in Ireland was  about 73kg.

But as we know you can’t eat everything in the slaughtered pig, like bones and hair so we have to adjust that into approx usuable meat.

This leaflet from Oklahoma suggests that only about 57% of meat makes it from ‘pen to pan’.

That would give us 41kg of  usuable meat per person (57% of 73kg) from every Irish pig slaughtered which is almost the same as ~40kg of pig per person that we eat per year, or 3 pigs per family per year.

Yet that seems like too much to me. There is no way I eat that amount of pig meat a year. Do you?

So I’m going to say that 2 pigs per family in church  which would work out at very roughly 400 pigs for slaughter per year. And then there is the mother pigs.

From this website

‘Sows usually produce two litters of between nine and 12 piglets each year, which are weaned at four weeks before being placed in one of the finishing paddocks.’

So taking a rough figure of each sow producing 20 pigs each year, that would leave us with at least 20 sows as well as her children, our future sausage and bacon.

Different figure I’ve read and am too tired to quote such as this one say that you can keep about 6-10 sows and their litter per acre, so that is anything from 2 – 3.3acres,
plus the land that you would be resting after the pigs have been kept on it and dug it up,
plus the land you would need to grow the feed for the pigs to fatten them for slaughter.