total road coverage?

So I was out for a dander around the boreens and side streets of Hilden and Harmony Hill when the question popped into my head – if we gathered all the roads in the UK and Ireland into one giant car park, how big would that car park be?

Well I’ll be honest – I only wanted to calculate the roads here in Northern Ireland but think it will be easier to calculate it for both the UK and Ireland.

For the roads I’m just going to take it that each road is only 3metres wide, which is roughly single lane I reckon. That means that any size we get is much smaller than the actual figure.

*disclaimer. This could be completely wrong.

From this website I make it 397403 km in total for the UK and from Wikipedia 101456 km for Ireland.

So the total area of road should be 0.003km x (397403 + 101456) = 1497 sq km or a square 38.7km x 38.7km at the very least, but in reality it would be bigger.