song drawing No.8 – Into the Mystic, Van Morrison

Doodled sometime between 8am and 9am in Common Grounds.

‘Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic’

There has been a pattern emerging with these song drawings.
I don’t usually plan to draw or doodle  along to a song, it just seems to grab me and happen. Perhaps I am writing in a coffee shop or taking notes and a certain song comes on the speaker, makes me pick up my pens and draw along.

But looking back on the 8 I have done so far, 5 have involved the sea, boats on the sea or submarines under the sea. There seems to be some nautical thought tide.
Perhaps gnostic badness of wanting to escape everything and everyone on my boat by myself?
Lets hope it doesn’t develop into full blown Enya-Orinocoflow-Syndrome…


Hugh’s Fish Fight

‘But still another inquiry remains…whether Leviathan can long endure so wide a chase, and so remorseless a havoc; whether he must not at last be exterminated from the waters…’

Herman Melville, Moby Dick
So I’ve just finished watching Hugh’s Fish Fight on Channel 4 and signed up. Part of me is wary because there are always two sides to every story (at least two sides) and in interests of balance I should at least attempt to  find out why EU laws say fishermen have to throw away perfectly good cod.

But there are things I am sure are true about this all.
Something is surely wrong when we take a creatures life with no respect or for no purpose?
It’s interesting how a number of the fishermen speak of morally feeling like murderers every time they go out to sea and are forced to throw perfectly good fish away dead into the sea.

Another thing is that we the consumer need to diversify and mix our fish habits up, to get creative in the kitchen and eat fish that isn’t cod, salmon or tuna. 3 kgs of wild fish caught to feed a salmon so that it can put on 1kg seems like a waste.
That might mean grabbing a can of mackerel instead of the usual can of tuna, it might mean eating herring instead of salmon or picking up red gurnard , mergrim or coley at St George’s Market.

Anyway, I know that many of us are campaigned out or  have to choose our battles, but perhaps this is a good one for us living on an island like ours, surrounded by that  vast and beautiful Atlantic Ocean?

Something that I’ve only noticed recently is the lack of fish knowledge we have here in Ireland considering the gift that we have on our doorsteps. But thats for another day.

Song Drawings No 6 – One of our Submarines,Thomas Dolby

A few week ago foraging around Bookfinders I noticed a Penguin handbook called ‘One of our Submarines’ by Edward Young, a book that writes about  life on a British submarine during World War 2.
It was unusual as it had ‘1000’ prominently displayed and I think this was because it was the 1000th Penguin to be published way back in 1954.

Our paths crossed again after buying a box of postcards with Penguin covers that happened to contain the same book cover. So yesterday I popped back into Bookfinders  to pick it up and match postcard and book.
While on Google the first result that came up was ‘One of our Submarines‘ by Thomas Dolby. It turns out that the song was inspired by Dolby’s late uncle who died on a submarine accident during World War 2.

Song Drawing No.5 – Charlie Darwin, The Low Anthem

(found drawing  from charity shop on Lisburn Rd, Belfast. )

‘Set the sails I feel the winds a’stirring
Toward the bright horizon set the way
Cast your wreckless dreams upon our Mayflower
Haven from the world and her decay

And who could heed the words of Charlie Darwin
Fighting for a system built to fail
Spooning water from their broken vessels
As far as I can see there is no land

Oh my god, the water’s all around us
Oh my god, it’s all around…’

Songdrawing No3 – Fisherman’s Blues, The Waterboys

‘I wish I was a fisherman
tumblin’ on the seas
far away from dry land
and it’s bitter memories
castin’ out my sweet line
with abandonment and love’

‘And I know I will be loosened
from the bonds that hold me fast
and the chains all around me
will fall away at last’