gospelman and the gospel coalition

My friend just put up a link from The Gospel Coalition doing some Bible ju-jitsu moves on some stuff Ricky Gervais has said in the past. I’ve heard rumours of this Gospel Coalition before.

But who exactly are the Gospel Coalition? Well the council of the Gospel Coalition consists of

One man, two men, three men, four men, five men, six men, seven men, eight men, nine men, ten men, eleven men, twelve men, thirteen men, fourteen men, fifteen men, sisxteen men, seventeen men, eighteen men, nineteen men, twenty men, twenty one men, twenty two men, twenty three men, twenty four men, twenty five men, twenty six men, twenty seven men, twenty eight men, twenty nine men, thirty men, thirty one men, thirty two men, thirty three men, thirty four men, thirty five men, thirty six men, thirty seven men, thirty eight men, thirty nine men, fourty men, fourty one men, fourty two men, fourty three men, fourty four men, fourty five men, fourty six men, fourty seven men, fourty eight men, fourty nine men, fifty men, fifty one men, fifty men.

Fifty two Gospel Men.

Oh, and no women….

But sure,oh well,why would a coalition of the Gospel need women for a bit of guidance anyway?

I’d like to write a big long blog post on all the ways that I think this is wrong, but life is too short isn’t it?
It does annoy me off when I see stuff like this being married to a trainee female minister and with so many friends and people I know hanging on every word  and influenced by the actions of  well known evangelical authors  like John Piper,  Mark Driscoll, Alistair Begg, D.A. Carson or Tim ‘Flavour of the Month’ Keller, but hey what can a man do?

So rather than worrying about the Gospelmen of this world (who’ll always win and are often right with their x-ray Gospel night vision ) I’d be better out planting strawberries, drawing pictures or learning how to make nettle risotto.
Or in the words of  “The Mad Farmer March” by Wendell Berry

“Instead of reading Chairman Mao/ I think I’ll go and milk my cow”