If this world is really good and not going to be destroyed by God but redeemed and recreated,
if the body is good and matter matters,
if the Kingdom of Heaven actually started on this earth,
in actual history because of the actual physical resurrection of Jesus and we’re living out that story right now in our communities,
if we’re about the earthing of heaven
what does that actually mean in concrete real terms?

I’ve been wrestling with this issue for the last few years, ever since my Christian faith became constipated and all I could muster for weeks on end was the Lord’s Prayer. What does it mean when we pray

‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’?

another aspect of this is what does it mean to be truly human?


thy will be dung

what if we planted vegetables,herbs, flowers and had fruit trees on our church land instead of just lawns?
For one thing lawns seem to me to be about maintaining the status quo, keeping the grass nice and neat whereas vegetables and fruit are about producing  a crop.
You could give extra produce away to the needy, grow sunflowers for the sick and have communion over a soup lunch grown on the former church lawn.