toilet talk

night soil

Another opportunity for reflecting on waste and compost presented itself in the form of an unexpected blocked downstairs toilet.
After initial hopeful prods involving a hacked bucket handle I realised that this was going to be an outside job. So without going into too much gory detail it was time to get involved with that part of the home that is out of sight, out of mind – the outdoor pipes.
A bit of digging, toilet flushing and the problem has been rectified.
Funnily enough I had been reading about this sort of thing the other day in the The New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency’ by John Seymour.

‘This fear of basic functions seems to be part of the modern human condition, which finds the idea of dealing with waste and death extremely challenging…The flush toilet is a remarkably expensive way to pollute fresh drinking water, while at the same time wasting the very nutrients that are essential to maintain fertility in the soil. One pull of the lever and the waste becomes somebody else’s problem. We just pay our taxes and allow our children to pick up the real inheritance of all this pollution’

The fear of basic functions does seem to be a part of the modern human condition, yet it is part of who we are. So in one way although I can think of lots of better ways to start a Thursday morning it is useful to see the hidden pipes of our house and be reminded of what is going on.
I imagine them joining into one big pipe joined to  pipes in the houses in Knockncarra and that pipe maybe going down to the water treatment plant at Mutton Island . The way the waste from our homes is dealt with effects the water quality in Galway Bay. Deal with it responsibly and the will be a Blue Flag for the beaches at Salthill or Silver Strand, deal with it irresponsibly and the Blue Flag will be taken away.