Fantasy Raised Bed League – leaf celery, coriander, mixed salad leaves


I’ve decided on three more things to grow next year that I reckon will be more than useful additions to the fantasy raised bed league

1 Mixed Salad Leaves

I was up at ALDI shopping there and noticed a packet of these selling for €1.49. We could easily use one of those a week . If we did buy a packet of mixed leaves each week that would work out at €77.48 a year. Over the course of 7 years that would be €542. So its worthwhile growing mixed salad.

2 Leaf Celery

I’d like leaf celery in my team as apparently it’s much easier to grow than normal celery and I get fed with recipes that only need one or two stalks of celery and leave you with most of the head of celery to use up.

Maybe this would be alright if celery was something that I particularly enjoyed eating but it’s not one of my favourite vegetables.
I reckon I’d use celery every 3 weeks or so, but could use it more if it was there. A celery type thing going on somewhere would be worth at least €15.42 a year.

3 Coriander

I could probably make use of coriander every week, usually in a curry or a soup. But it just doesn’t keep well so although I often need it I often don’t have it. My own supply would be a nice addition to the Fantasy Raised Bed Team and would save me about €38.74 a year.

So that is flat leaf parsley, coriander, mixed salad leaves and leaf celery in the team for next seasons raised beds. They won’t take up much space either (a few sq. metres?) and I reckon they could be worth about €170 a year.  What comes next though?

a simple lunch

I think I might like herring more than mackerel (though mackerel is very good as well), just grill for a few minutes with a bit of salt and pepper, grab some salad leaves from the window box and a add a bit of beetroot ‘jam’ that you mistook for pickled beetroot in the Polish shop. Add a lemon for colour (well, no need to add a whole lemon or even half a lemon as above) eat and enjoy.
Onion skirlie would have been perfect as well if you had remembered to make it.

‘the most revolting dish ever devised’ – take a bow Northern Ireland

Well yesterday after the passsing of  screen legend Elizabeth Taylor and reading report after report about how beautiful she was I decided to do a bit of Google research to check on her legendary beauty.
When I pressed return several pictures came up of a lady holding a whisk and putting stuff into an oven.


Yes, so was I until I noticed I’d accidentally put the name of legendary British cookery writer ‘Elizabeth David’ into Google.

Well I started reading a few articles about her when I came across this article in The Guardian. In it Tim Hayward writes about some of the Post-it notes and scribbles she left in her cookbooks.

In one cookbook a Post-It note saying “Italian salad p50. Sounds just about the most revolting dish ever devised.” was found.

And what was the offending cookbook? A secondhand copy of ‘Ulster Fare’ by the Belfast Women’s Institute Club (1945).

Here is the recipe according to The Guardian

‘Italian salad
1 pint cold cooked macaroni
½ pint cooked or tinned pears
½ pint grated raw carrot
French dressing to moisten
2 heaped tablespoons minced onion
½ pint cooked or minced string beans

Mix the chopped macaroni and vegetables; moisten with French dressing, flavouring with garlic if liked. Serve on a dish lined with lettuce leaves. Decorate with mayonnaise and minced pimento or chives.’

Except that there was a typo (I’m not sure if it’s in Ulster Fare or The Guardian’) and it should read ½ pint cooked or tinned peas not pears.

I don’t know why I found this funny. Perhaps its the thought that the ‘most revolting recipe ever devised’  is regularly wheeled out at church catering functions across the land by a little old lady who has a copy of Ulster Fare and being set beside the beetroot and blackcurrant jelly or carrot and orange jelly

You have to admire the Ulsterman’s ability to make a good salad. Carrot and orange jelly anyone..??