‘We have lost the testimony of a profound life, action which comes from the heart, which is the product of faith, and not of a myth, or of propaganda, or of Mammon! What matters is to live, and not to act. ┬áIn this world,this is a revolutionary attitude, for the world only desires (utilitarian) action, and has no desire for life at all. We cannot exaggerate the significance of the fact of being spiritually alive. We must cease to believe that life depends only on vitamins, hormones, and physical culture’

Jacques Ellul, The Presence of the Kingdom

exclusion zones of life

I suppose one of the reasons I have a blog like this is that I can say stuff like this.

It can be quite hard to be around people (family members, friends, people your age) who have kids when you don’t have kids yourself. There I’ve said it.
Sometimes you just feel excluded I guess…