I hate almost everything about this particular household task. Not almost anything as a matter of fact, but absolutely everything.

I hate the way that the mop flops about on the floor. It is too limp to scrub bits of dirt that are stuck to the floor and doesn’t lift the light bits of dirt that the brush couldn’t lift.
I hate the way that you clean the floor and it gets dirty again immediately, not through being messy but because you have just gone outside to the bin and it has been raining outside.
I hate the feel of it in my hand.
I hate the way when you mop in the gloom you can’t see the dirt and then when it is bright you can see the dirt you missed.

reflection on peeling spuds

Our lives are so busy and ambitious that we often look down on the menial tasks such a peeling potatoes. Often peeling spuds is beneath us, something from the soil that doesn’t really engage our brain and creativity, just a dirty ball of carbohydrate that needs work done to make it useful. I don’t have time for this, I’ve places to go and more important things to do than peeling some potatoes on. Will I stick on some pasta instead?

While peeling potato number 4 I was reflecting on how much work would be involved in peeling and preparing potatoes.
I had Wee Gran in mind, a lady of over 80 who would have much of her life preparing potatoes for the 11 children she raised and my grandfather.
Saying gran took 10mins for potato preparation and had potatoes 6 times a week that would be an hour in potato preparation per week.

That would be 52hrs of potato preparation a year. Gran has been peeling spuds for well over 50 years. Someone like my gran could easily have spent a working year of her life just peeling potatoes.

I guess that while I’m peeling these potatoes I’m wondering on whether our generation has undervalued the dignity and work in household chores or if our lives are just too speedy to even consider such things.