such a waster

We don’t get much junk mail, I try my best to not waste food yet still there seems to be constant trips to the bins,  the study is a full of paper ready to be thrown away,  black leads  leading to trips and stumbles  and then perhaps  an occasional trip into a USB port, half used pencils, unread books.
That is not even to consider things like the amount of energy I waste on the computer or heating the house.

I read a book a few weeks ago called ‘The Waste Makers‘ by Vance Packard. Having been written in the 1960 you might have thought it would be dated now that we know so much, but no. It still seems relevant and wise.

He claims that to make the economy grow we need to consume and then outlines  nine ways in which we are encouraged to consume and keep things growing.

1 Have more than you Really Need
Why do I have to many pencils when I rarely use pencils?
Why do we have 3 containers of concentrated lemon in the fridge?

2 Have a throw away spirit
Why am I constantly throwing away paper?
Why am I so wasteful with food?

3 Planned obsolescence (Things breaking)

4 Planned obsolescence of desire

5 Things that can’t be easily repaired or mended
Car electronics that can only be ordered from the manufacturers, funny screw heads etc. The repairman is helpless.
6 Sell things with lots of ‘spin’
Look at this! It’s the greatest thing ever! Your life will be much easier if you get this! Stephen Fry uses it!

7 Sell things using credit

8 Encourage Hedonism
Unlimited broadband! Excellent, I’ll be able to do more now.

9 More People Means More Markets

(no picture for that. But selling for/to children and teenagers? Markets like China and India?)