copper mining and stuff – Mopani Copper Mine, Zambia

Last week I felt compelled (well I believe God told me to do it) to mark the locations of some of the biggest  copper mines  in the world on a Google Map

Today I typed in the words ‘copper’ and ‘corruption’ into Google which led me to the Mopani Copper Mine in Zambia and it’s creepy owners Glencore who according to this video trade on life’s commodities.

As world food prices rising due to poor harvests companies like Glencore who trade  food items like wheat  will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thoughts of healthy profits (as was reported back in August)

And as a Christian I feel like I’m staring right at the beast when I read about this sort of stuff. We pray to God  ‘give us this day our daily bread’ but a company like Glencore wants to be the ones who supply our daily bread for maximum profit to their shareholders.

Watch this priest in this clip as well.