recipe sorting

I love cooking but find it hard to sort the chaff from the wheat in the old recipe books.
I’ve made stuff and forgotten that I made it, or that it tasted good.
So this morning in a very uncharacteristic fit of organisation I set about sorting the whole debacle out.
There are rough guidelines I want to try and keep to.

More vegetables.
Local and seasonal ingredients if available.
Organic/Fair Trade if possible
Using things I can grow myself
The shorter the cooking time the better
Not lots of faffing around with spices and that sort of thing.

So I went through the cookery books with sticky labels and marked those recipes that roughly fell into those categories (with room for not sticking to the rules), then wrote and indexed them under vegetables and grains (like chickpeas or lentils).

It only took my about 25.5hrs to complete this task and now that I have I canĀ  reliably say that by Sunday the list will be forgotten about and it will be panic in the kitchen as we try to make something functional out of a can of pineapple and some pearl barley.


basil ice cubes

My basil was beginning to look tired so I decided it was time to harvest it.
I plucked the leaves from all but two of my plants, washed them in a bowl, dried them in a salad spinner, packed them into an ice cube tray, poured some water over them and stuck them in the freezer for winter use.