in google we trust

Dear Heavenly Google

you are the fount of all knowledge. None is wiser than you. In your storehouses lies wisdom and truth.
You are good great Google. I come to you as one who does not have the answers.

Why is oh great Google is my life such a mess?

Could you point me to a few useful articles that might help me redeem my sorry life?
why am I invisible?why does nobody care?

answer me dear Heavenly Google.



thy will be dung

what if we planted vegetables,herbs, flowers and had fruit trees on our church land instead of just lawns?
For one thing lawns seem to me to be about maintaining the status quo, keeping the grass nice and neat whereas vegetables and fruit are about producing  a crop.
You could give extra produce away to the needy, grow sunflowers for the sick and have communion over a soup lunch grown on the former church lawn.