climate sceptics cutting their carbon footprint

There is an interesting article on The New York Times website about a project in Kansas to cut the carbon footprint of residents who are traditionally sceptical about the idea of climate change.

‘Town managers attribute the new resolve mostly to a yearlong competition sponsored by the Climate and Energy Project, which set out to extricate energy issues from the charged arena of climate politics… If the heartland is to seriously reduce its dependence on coal and oil, Ms. Jackson and others decided, the issues must be separated. So the project ran an experiment to see if by focusing on thrift, patriotism, spiritual conviction and economic prosperity, it could rally residents of six Kansas towns to take meaningful steps to conserve energy and consider renewable fuels.’

It’s interesting what motivates us as people. I’m not sure if I ever like competition as a motivating factor though. The idea of competing for ‘green jobs’ to help the local economy for instance(which you hear more and more about here in Northern Ireland).

At Eco Show Live there was that feeling as well, the idea of people surfing some type of green wave as the next big growth area to make buckets of money. Perhaps that is a bit harsh?Perhaps, but on the other hand I can’t see how¬† life is all about competing and winning.

How sustainable is life if its all about competing?Competing involves winners and losers.