dublin day

On Saturday I walked about Dublin in an uncomfortable pair of shoes remembering once again how much I love and miss the city.
Just as you can’t explain why you love one attractive girl while find an even more attractive girl unattractive so I love and miss Dublin over other places.
The further the train took me away on Saturday night, the heavier my heart got until it spat me out at Lambeg and I trudged home in the still uncomfortable shoes and went to bed.

So I can’t explain it. Part of me would love to be responsible for a few acres of farmland and orchard, to be a good steward of the land and to make it fruitful and beautiful. That sort of dream would be hard to carry out in a city like Dublin and would require a rural type of set-up. Yet I would never want to live in pure isolation from a city such as Dublin. Sometimes yes, maybe most times even but not all the time.