‘fear of’ autocomplete

'fear of' autocomplete

Fear of abandonment, animals, a blank planet, a black planet.
Fear of buttons, being alone, being sick, birds.
Fear of clowns, crowds, commitment, crime.

Fear of death, dying, driving, dentist.
Fear of eating, everything, escalators.
Fear of flying, failure, falling.

Fear of God, going outside, growing old, giving birth.
Fear of heights, holes, hospitals, Halloween.
Fear of intimacy, injections, insects.

Fear of judgement, jewelry, jellyfish, jumping.
Fear of knees, knives, kettles, kissing.
Fear of long words, loud noises, leaving the house, love.

Fear of men, missing out, music, mice.
Fear of needles, numbers, negative evaluation.
Fear of open spaces, open water, odd numbers, octopus.

Fear of public speaking, people, pregnancy, pigeons.
Fear of questions, queues, quitting job, quizzes.
Fear of rejection, relationships, rats, rabbits.

Fear of spiders, snakes, small holes, sleep.
Fear of the dark, the unknown.
Fear of unknown, underwater, uncertainty, urinating in public.

Fear of vomiting, vegetables, veins, velvet.
Fear of water, wind, worms.
Fear of xylophones.

Fear of yourself, yellow, youth, yogurt.
Fear of zippers, zebras, zombie apocalypse.

evangelicals autocomplete

Evangelicals are annoying.
Evangelicals are a cult.
Are Evangelicals a national security threat?
Are Evangelicals and Pentecostals the same?

Evangelicals are bigots.
Evangelicals are brainwashed.
Are evangelicals born again?
Are evangelicals Baptists?

Evangelicals are crazy.
Evangelicals are creepy.
Evangelicals are conservative.
Evangelicals are cults.

Evangelicals are dangerous.
Evangelicals are dumb.
Evangelicals are destroying Christianity.
Are evangelicals declining?

Evangelicals are evil.
Are evangelicals extremists?
Evangelicals endorse Santorum.
Evangelicals engaging emergent.

Are evangelicals fundamentalists?
Why evangelicals are fooled into accepting pseudoscience.
Evangelicals for Mitt.
Evangelicals for social action.

Evangelicals are going to hell
Are evangelicals growing?
Are evangelicals going to vote for Romney?
Evangelicals who are gay

Evangelicals are heretics.
Evangelicals are hypocrites
Evangelicals are hateful
Are evangelicals homophobic?

Evangelicals are idiots.
Evangelicals are insane.
Evangelicals are intolerant.
How many evangelicals are in America?

Evangelicals Josh Jones
Evangelicals Jerusalem
Evangelicals Judaism
Evangelicals Jimmy Carter

Evangelicals Kristof

Are evangelicals less educated?
Are evangelicals Lutheran?
Are evangelicals less intelligent?
Are evangelicals literalists?

Evangelicals are morons.
Are evangelicals missing God at church?
Are evangelicals mentally ill?
Evangelicals who are masons.

Evangelicals are nuts.
Are evangelicals non denominational?
Evangelicals now.
Evangelicals now Vaughan Roberts

Evangelicals are often distinguished by the following emphases..
Are evangelicals on another planet?
Are evangelicals for university professors more irrational?
Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail

Evangelicals are Protestants
Evangelicals are Pharisees
Evangelicals are Pentecostals
Evangelicals who are pro-choice

Evangelicals question the existence of Adam and Eve
Evangelicals quotes
Evangelicals Quebec
Evangelicals question validity of Adam and Eve

Evangelicals are ruining America
Evangelicals are racist
Evangelicals are retarded
Evangelicals are ruining Christianity

Evangelicals are stupid.
Evangelicals are scary.
Evangelicals are Satanists.
Evangelicals are sick.

Evangelicals are terrorists.
Evangelicals are the worst.
Are evangelicals turning Catholic?
Evangelicals who are they?

Evangelicals in Canada.
Evangelicals are uneducated.
Evangelicals in Uganda.
Evangelicals UK.

Are evangelicals voting for Romney?
Why evangelicals are vulnerable to cults?
Evangelicals vs fundamentalists
Evangelicals vote for Romney

Evangelicals are wrong.
Evangelicals are weird.
Evangelicals are white.
Evangelicals who are they?

Evangelicals Youtube.
Evangelicals you don’t know.
Evangelicals Yahoo.
Evangelicals yoga.

Evangelicals Zionism.
Evangelicals zip.

‘can’t afford to’ autocomplete

(I’m interested in the sorts of questions people  ask Google about.  The way I do that is to pick a word or question, add each letter of the alphabet at the end and then let autocomplete do the rest….like ‘Anxiety is a…Anxiety is b….’. Just in case you read some and get  worried about me!)moria)

can’t afford to adopt, attend wedding, attend funeral
can’t afford to buy in London, buy food, break up, buy Christmas present
can’t afford to change careers
can’t afford to divorce, do jury service, divorce husband
can’t afford to eat, eat healthy, eat everyday, eat out
can’t afford to feed my dog, fix my car, fix my teeth, fix house

can’t afford to get to work, get married, get divorced, go to dentist
can’t afford to heat my home, have a baby, heat home, heat my house
can’t afford insulin, iva payments, ipad next best thing?

can’t afford jury service, can’t afford juicer
can’t afford to keep my cat, my house, my dog, my horse
can’t afford to live, live in London, live together, live UK
can’t afford to move out, move homes, move, move out of parents home
can’t afford to neuter my dog

can’t afford overdraft fees
can’t afford to put heating on, pay mortgage, pay phone contract, pay rent
can’t afford to quit my job
can’t afford to rent, retire, run a car
can’t afford to split up, smoke, save, sell my house

can’t afford to tip, travel to work, take pet to vet, take maternity leave
can’t afford to volunteer, visit college,
can’t afford to work, work childcare
can’t afford YMCA membership

bored with autocomplete

I’m bored.
Bored with Android phone and alcohol.
Bored with boyfriend,  brown hair and  baby.
Bored with Christmas, church, Candy Crush and current job.

I’m bored.
Bored with DIY, daily routine, drinking alcohol and dinner.
Bored with everything. Bored with engineering and  exercise.
Bored with Facebook, food, family life and friends.
Bored with GTA 5 , gaming and girlfriend.
Bored with hair, husband and his obedience training.

I’m bored.
Bored with iphone, ipad,  internet and ironing.
Bored with job, Jesus and Jailbreak
Bored with KPOP,  knitting, kissing and Kate Middleton.
Bored with life. Bored with long hair.
Bored with my life, bored with my hair, bored with my job, bored with my husband.

I’m bored.
Bored with newborn, nothing to do, no money. Bored with no money –  what can I do?
Bored with office job and online dating.
Bored with PS4,  partner , programming,  prozac and the internet
Bored with quotes with pictures and life quotes.
Bored with relationship, routine , reality, retirement.

I’m bored.
Bored with Sims 3 and Skyrim.
Bored with the internet, teaching, this and Twitter.
Bored with university and Ubuntu.
Bored with video games, vegetables and vaping.

I’m bored.
Bored with work and working out. Bored with weed.
Bored with X Factor , X Box One, X Box 360,Xenoblade.
Bored with your hair and your life and your job and your partner
Bored with Zumba  Bored with Zombie soccer.

autocomplete anxiety


anxiety is a living hell, all in your head, a gift, affecting my work
anxiety is back, bullshit, bad, bad for your health
anxiety is coming back, controlling my life, crippling me, considered disordered
anxiety is destroying my life, destroying my relationship, destroying me
anxiety is exhausting, eating me alive, easy to treat? excitement
anxiety is freedom, fake, fear, fear of the future
anxiety is getting worse, getting out of control, getting the best of me, good
anxiety is holding me back, harmless, horrible, hereditary
anxiety is it a mental illness? is it real? is it hereditary? is it genetic?
anxiety is just a feeling, just a state of mind, just fear? just a bad habit?
anxiety is killing me, keeping me awake at night, keeping me from working, keeping me from school
anxiety is love’s greatest killer, like a rocking chair, living in the future
anxiety is making me ill, making me feel sick, making me suicidal, making me depressed
anxiety is not real, normal, not a sign of weakness, not a mental illness
anxiety is on the rise, OK, often treated with___, out of control
anxiety is pointless, paralyzing me, painful, paralyzing
anxiety is quotes, freedom quote, quiz,questionnaire
anxiety is ruining my life, ruining my life yahoo, ruining my relationship, ruining my health
anxiety is stopping me sleeping, scaring me, stopping me from working, stupid
anxiety is taking over my life, the dizziness of freedom, the handmaiden of creativity, the only real emotion
anxiety is unbearable, uncontrollable, untreatable, unhealthy
anxiety is a vicious cycle, vs depression, vitamins, vomiting
anxiety is worse in the morning, wrecking my life, worse than depression
anxiety is xanax
anxiety is your friend, in your head, yoga, yawning
anxiety is zoloft