renaming the sky – Auriga (The Pentagon)

I have been trying to take more notice of the night sky and name the constellations, which has been slow work due to the permanent cloud cover and light pollution around Lambeg. Also it is hard not to look like you’re perving into the neighbours bedroom the way our house is…I’m not officer,I’m star naming!Honest!

So last night the sky was clear and I took a peak upwards.
Literally straight upwards.
It was straight above my head and almost painful to look at in the dark. Starting with Cassiopeia (‘W’ as I like to call it) I had a glance around to see if there was any shape sticking out.

Down to the bottom left hand corner of the W are 5 stars in the shape of a pentagon (actually that might be my updated name for them ‘The Pentagon)

For whatever reason I find it incredibly hard to read star maps (as the contain stars that I can’t see here) but eventually I found the proper name for The Pentagon, Auriga.

And look at that!Capella! Which sounds almost like Capello!
And so the brightest star in Auriga shall henceforth be named ‘Fabio’ after England, AC Milan and Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello.
I’m not sure why I’ll not remember the proper name for Auriga. Cassiopeia, Orion and The Plough yes, Auriga No.
It sounds very similar to ‘arigula’ which is what they call rocket over in the USA but apart from that it seems to be a very unexciting star constellation that would pass you by 9 times out of 10.