publish or perish?not sure

This book is a struggle to read, but there bits that voice some of what I struggle with in life, especially when it comes to things such as making a living or why I sometimes feel a bit odd or stuck.


‘..every modern artist who has chosen to labour with a gift must sooner or later wonder how he or she is to survive in a society dominated by market exchange.  And if the fruits of a gift are gifts themselves, how is the artist to nourish himself, spiritually as well as materially, in an age whose values are market values and whose commerce consists almost exclusively in the purchase and sale of commodities?’

This is what gets me down. How to make a living with gifts in a commodity society?

Later on in the book (after skipping out chapters) Lewis Hyde writes this

“Having accepted what has been given to him – either in the sense of inspiration or in the sense of talent – the artist often feels compelled, feel the desire, to make the work and offer it to an audience. The gift must stay in motion. ‘Publish or perish’ is an internal demand of the creative spirit…”

This is what also gets me down also because I feel that ‘publish or perish’ line deep in my gut.
I realise that it could be an idol in my life, something I look to to give me  value or validate me,  but it’s also part of the way I’ve been created.