dark dandering notes


Soft night

Mustn’t get knocked over

Dame Mary not at home

(at Sport’s Personality of the Year)

Tower Block

Noisy Factory

Very Noisy Factory

Must find out what they make



Or Dunmurray

Mustn’t get caught taking

Photos of police station at this

Hour of the morning

Ignore the man trying to make

Eye contact

Drink my Fanta



Why Subway?

What is the attraction with



Creighton’s Filling Station Quiet

For once

Looks a bit like something from

An Edward Hopper painting

I always say that when I see

Petrol Stations at night

Kings Hall

Posh, private hospital




walking in the dark

I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish the last couple of days, somewhere between feeling useless and not really cut out for normal living in today’s society. Maybe a bit frustrated as well? I don’t know, maybe we all feel like that from time to time.

Anyway, so last night I wasn’t in the best of form and had cracked open a box of stollen from LIDL and started munching through it and the next thing I knew I was walking into Belfast City centre up the Lisburn Road at 4.30am determined to make a music video for a song I had recorded last Christmas.

I just bunged all the photos I took in order (well except for the bits when I added them to the wrong places and can’t be bothered fixing), added the sound and saved. Total production cost, a coffee and early morning Fanta (it actually tastes OK before 7) and bus fare home.