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Allotments?I’ll give you allotments!

According to the man up at the allotments there is a waiting list of 100 people waiting for an allotment.  Just over the hedge though there is a park of grass. Just grass and a tarmac path or two that nobody ever uses.

So why not just turn those into allotments as well?

The man at the allotment said it was because the council are useless, but I’ve just thought its because land is more valuable for building houses on than for charging an elderly men or a young family £40 a year for growing vegetables and flowers on. Perhaps I’m being a cynic.

Barbour Mill

Passed the old linen thread factory at Hilden. The Barbours Mill was once the largest in the world with over 2000 people working there just over 100yrs ago.
It looks like a proper factory you would see in a LS Lowry painting.
It looks like the sort of factory Bruce Springsteen would write about closing down.
Its derelict now. You pass by, its glory has faded. There is talk in the news about a £100million plan to do it up into houses and flats and offices.

Have been listening to the opening lyrics of a Fionn Regan song ‘Snowy Atlas Mountains’ when thinking about the factory;

‘We came down by the factory
Industrial yarns were my father did work’

Actually, I can’t make out if its yarns or yards. Still both work for me – but maybe I should check. So I’m a gonna.