sneaky uncle with marker


in praise of BBC Radio Four

While I have been whinging away for the past year and a half about BBC Radio Ulster a whole other world of radio broadcasting has been passing me by.
Every so often I would venture to BBC Radio Two, mainly for the Bob Harris show on a Sunday morning or Mike Harding’s Folk show on Wednesday night but no further.

No, actually I tell a lie. I have been dabbling a bit in BBC 6 Music, mainly to hear Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour and sometimes Jarvis Cocker.
Anyway, basically I believed that I had to listen to Radio Ulster, that Hugo Duncan and Gerry Anderson was going to be my lot in life.
That was until a friends throwaway remark about BBC Radio Four a week or two ago  being good for random things.
So the other day I went exploring and locked the stereo to Radio Four. And do you know what?
It is random and its flipping briliant.
Already in a 24 hr period I have heard the phrase ‘Are you staring at my tits?’ as well as  the word ‘bastard’ repeated on mid afternoon radio in The Afternoon Play.

Then that was followed by a show on the effects that the change to the decimal system had.

Briefly I caught a snippet of a show about skiing in Ghana followed later by a show about drilling for an underground lake in the Antartic.

I made my dinner tonight and PJ Harvey was being interviewed about writing songs and war.

Then tonight on iplayer.
A show about the Roma that I should take notes on before I walk around the streets of Belfast moaning about Big Issue sellers.
Another show about poems inspired by depressive illness.

And finally, just before typing this and heading to my scratcher a cool interview on BBC World Service about Asia’s role in changing consumption patterns and economics.