‘I will have nothing to with a bomb’

I have started a project over here. It is sort of my version of the the Large Hadron Collider.

The aim is to try and do a drawing, image, doodle (any drawing even if it’s crap) for some event or person born on that particular day and then post it.
That is the goal, but I’m probably more interested in the by-products that come out, sort of like the way that useful by products have come from trying to find sub atomic particles or putting man on the moon. Apparently we have velcro because of NASA and we have the www because of CERN.

So far I’ve learned how to do a website and a little about Jean Harlow and today I’ve discovered about Lise Meitner, a lady I had never heard about until this afternoon but is probably one of the most influential women of the 20th century.

It seemed like a good day to note her name with it being International Women’s Day tomorrow.

The only reason I found out about her is because tomorrow (8th March) is one of those days in which nothing exciting seems to have ever happened in world history and I was stuck with some random German man called Otto Hahn for a birthday.

Reading a little about Otto Hahn I discovered that he discovered the fission of uranium and got awarded the Nobel Prize.  It seems though that it was a joint effort with a Lise Meitner, but no Nobel Prize for her for whatever reason.
In 1943 she was asked to join The Manhatten Project but answered ‘I will have nothing to do with a bomb!’. The thing is that although she didn’t know at the time she did contribute to the bomb.


‘Global Warming is’ autocomplete

climate change

Global warming is a lie, a hoax, a myths, a natural cycle.
Global warming is bullshit, bad, BS, beneficial.
Global warming is caused by humans, caused by human activity, caused by the sun.
Global warming is dead, defined as, dangerous.

Global warming is eroding glacial ice, exaggerated, expected to result in…
Global warming is fake, false, fake proof, fake facts.
Global warming is good, getting worse, good for us, good for the planet.
Global warming is happening, human caused, hoax.

Global warming…is it real? it happening? it our fault? inevitable?
Global warming is just a natural cycle, just the tip of the iceberg, just a myth, junk science.
Global warming is killing polar bear, killing animals, real Koch brothers.
Global warming is leaving many homeless, lie, likely to harm us, too late to stop.

Global warming is manmade, myth, most pronounced at the, man made essay.
Global warming is not happening, natural, not real, not caused by humans.
Global warming is over, our fault, occurring, over exaggerated.
Global warming is part of a natural cycle, produced by the greenhouse effect, problem, propaganda

Global warming is fake quotes, natural quotes, bullshit quotes.
Global warming is real, rubbish, real proof, real article.
Global warming is slowing, slowing down, stupid, serious
Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. thought to be caused by the, the result of.

Global warming is  unequivocal, undeniable unstoppable, untrue
Global warming is very real.
Global warming is wrong, when the earth heats up, worse than we thought.
Global warming is fake yahoo, real yahoo, natural yahoo
Global warming is zealots, zombies.

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is a documentary that follows James Balog and his attempt to gather undeniable evidence of climate change.

From an artistic point of view, I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

From the ‘gathering undeniable evidence of climate change’ point of view the photo and film footage of glaciers melting at unprecedented rates are a more persuasive argument than most out there. You can see how much the landscape has changed in a short period of time.

The stuff has been on my mind a lot recently due to the storms of the last month. Walking along the from Salthill to Galway I am suddenly more aware how vulnerable my new home is to flooding and the sea.  Then there are all those places along the coast that got a battering as well.

Something has been stirring in me that I may have been too blasé or that I haven’t done enough about it.

I was reading this article and it was suggesting that climate change is a civil rights issue.

‘In the Civil Rights Movement we marched hand in hand facing dogs and fire hoses, risking imprisonment and worse for the sake of future generations. The same question is in front of us today when it comes to climate change. What are you willing to sacrifice and what are you willing to personally do to hand down a better world to our children?’
Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley


sustainable bombing

I’m glad to see that the Russian Army have decided to green their military arsenal by making a bomb as powerful as an atomic bomb that doesn’t destroy the environment.

“Potentially it’s effectiveness and capabilities are comparable to nuclear weapons. At the same time use of this weapon doesn’t damage or pollute the environment like a nucleur weapon…”