Wolfenden’s Bridge

Passed a large funeral today pouring slowly into the Church of Ireland, retired gentlemen in flourescent yellow reflective bibs directing an unusually high proportion of 4×4’s through the church gates.

Walking on to Wolfenden’s Bridge saw a large bird in the field  near the Lagan,where from a distance it looked like a pheasant but quickly turned out to be a buzzard.
He (the buzzard) looked  my direction and hopped up to a tree over-hanging the river.
Wolfenden’s Bridge is narrow and cars go fast so no safe time to loiter.
There have been at least 3 accidents on this stretch of road in the 6months we’ve lived here. As if to bring this point home a PSNI car drives past slowly, sirens wailing and lights flashing.
So a funeral,
and police siren all in the space of 5mins walk.

And to finish it all off, a ghost. Type ‘Wolfenden’s Bridge’ into Google and up comes the story of ‘The Grey Lady of Lambeg’ who for centuries has been seen by witnesses walking the path outside our house towards the church.

So it turns out I am not the only one treading the roads round these parts.