We Couldn’t Imagine What it Was (Illinois)


Last night there was a mysterious and beautiful triangle of stars over Galway Bay, hanging above the Aran Islands or Black Head, mysterious lights in the southern sky that had me wondering as I was wandering.

Saturn, Mars and Antares.

I’d been thinking about 3 lights all week as I’ve been re-engrossed by Sufjan Stevens Illinoise album all over again.
I’ve been making a lot of US state maps and when I came to Illinois  put on the headphones while painting.
illinois Making the map made me appreciate anew what an amazing album this is. It’s actually an amazing work of creative art in my opinion. Playful and joyful, sad and serious, a bit barmy and silly puns in places, like short stories sung. It’s  uncomfortable listening to songs about child killers as well but you’ll find yourself singing along.

The music can be a bit juddery and stop start but there is a bit on the second track that makes me smile every time. The horns or whatever they are keep building up and sound to me like it’s going to turn into the theme music of ‘Ski Sunday’ or ‘Rainbow’.
It’s a bit of a mysterious album. Where did it come from? What’s it trying to say?

The opening track about a UFO sighting near Highland, Illinois is as mysterious to me as the stuff he is singing about. What did people see? What was going on? What sort of way is this to start an album?
But whenever I hear words like incarnation and stories of stars I’m taken back to Christmas and a different sort of mystery taking form and shape. Yet that is mingling with some sort of mysterious UFO sighting. What’s he saying?

Anyway, it’s the sort of  infectious creativity that I’m drawn to and like to draw to.
I doodled the picture last week before the clouds parted and I noticed the 3 mysterious lights in the sky over Galway Bay last night. So now I’m wondering if it’s linked. Am I being whispered to or am I just noticing things that have always been there?

When I was walking home the other night along a dark path there was a man silently sitting on a rock looking out across the sea and toward the sky. He seemed to be embracing the beauty and mystery whereas my immediate reaction was to find out what the stars were from Google Sky Map or to blog about my experience (like I’m doing now) or thinking about something I could make.
I wish I had the patience and peace to sit out and pray silently a bit more, to be at peace without thinking how I could use this experience for something or how that moment could be added to that thing to make something. I wish that I was less addicted to the light of these glowing glass rectangles and could embrace the mystery and silence a bit more. Maybe a bit like it says in Psalm 131.

‘I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.’

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