never write someone off..

I could write a thousand blog posts on this years Premier League. It was enthralling. Maybe I will write a few blog posts. But for now I am reminded to never write someone off.
Cast your mind back to the start when Claudio Ranieri was announced as manager of Leicester, Claudio who had been managing the Greece team that had been beaten by the Faroe Islands and subsequently been sacked. Was Claudio in charge when Norn Iron beat them?
Anyway, remember Gary Lineker (a man I find it hard to warm too..) tweeting:-

‘Claudio Ranieri? Really?’

And in fairness how many people agreed with Gary’ assessment?

This theme could continue for the months that followed. Leicester won’t last.
Even a few weeks ago pundits kept saying that Spurs would catch Leicester etc etc.

Now look at things. Claudio Ranieri *seriously* has just won the title with the 5000-1 shots.

If this is not a a lesson in not writing someone off I don’t know what is.

Which unfortunately can also work in a not a fairy tale, more an unfolding nightmare that gathers more darkness each day type of way.
I listened to more people, experts, pundits, political experts say that Donald Trump couldn’t be taken seriously, that he was a joke, that the wheels would come off any moment now.

But  never write someone off. Don’t be telling me that there is no way Donald Trump will win against Clinton. Because if Claudio Ranieri can win a Premier League title with a 5000-1 shots Donald Trump can become POTUS.
I wish the world was more Claudio than Donald.


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