the price of swedes


I’ve been wondering a lot about the price we put on things ever since I noticed that my local supermarket had swedes aka turnips on sale for 29c each.

Anyone who has ever grown anything in their garden knows that a swede is worth far more than 29c.

They’re in the ground for up to 6 months.
They’re spaced about 23cm apart so if I grew them in one of my veg beds (3m x 1.2m), spent 6 months weeding, watering, looking after them from seedling to plate I’d have about 48 turnips.

48 turnips x  €0.29 = € 13.92.

That’s €13.92 for
preparing the ground,
making sure that the soil is good and healthy,
paying for seeds,
thinning out seedlings,
pest control,
harvesting them and to make sure that at there is something for us to eat some day in February.

I’d have been trying to grow my swedes in a way that was proper and good, that made sure that the soil was being looked after, that nature wasn’t being harmed.

That is just for doing all that 4 metres from my back door.

If I was to do all that then get them to a market to sell and charged €1.45 (like one of the local organic farms do) what are people who have been buying turnips for 0.29c going to think?

They’re probably going to think my swedes are expensive and over priced.
Why would you pay €.29 when you can pop up to Aldi and buy 5 times as many?

From my experience of growing vegetables €1.45 is an entirely fair price for growing swedes in the right way.
My homegrown 48 swedes would probably be worth something between €13.92 and €70. But I don’t have to pay employees or transport costs to market. I’d say that I could probably grow 48 swedes over the next year for about 5 hours work. Maybe that is an underestimation/overestimation. I would need more than an 1.5hrs though which is what it works out for a €0.29 swede.

In another example of  stupid pricing people who wanted to watch men violently beat the lining out of each other on TV screens in the name of ‘entertainment’ will happily spend between $50 -55.
I have no idea if those figures are right.

But if Conor McGregor  doesgets paid between $5-7 for each pay per view for trying to smash somebody’s face in (or getting his face smashed in) in the name of Saturday night entertainment while farmers are being squeezed to accept low prices for FOOD what does that say about moneys ability to put a true value on things?


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