church business

Business speak when applied to churches does my head in a bit.
Phrases like ‘strategic’,’implementation’, ‘organization’. Other words as well.

Words like ‘training’ or ‘resources’.
I hate when Christian stuff is turned into a business.

So whenever I have to pay to listen to a sermon someone has given I don’t go near that sermon. What are you doing? Either don’t put the sermon up or else stop making money out of the Gospel.

Leave a donate button and explain that of course it is free but if you’d like to leave a donation to put towards the cost of web hosting etc grand.

Pastors who run online courses that will show you how to unleash power that will change communities etc for hundreds of £’s do my head in. What is that all about?

A Bible app (which I’ve now uninstalled) kept pushing for me to update to a special version that had extra material or something…I don’t even know what it was offering I was so busy uninstalling it.

Another thing I hate is stupid Christian conferences that tell people to book early as places are limited. Making it into a competition to get on something that is supposed to build people up as a Christian?
I understand that there is only a certain amount of people that a venue can accommodate but still. Can you run the same event again until everybody is accommodated?

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