Making Sense of the World

I’ve been making big maps the past week or two.

I think that it is an attempt to make sense of the world I live in, to nail something about it down so I can look at it and touch. Perhaps it makes me think I’ve some measure of control on it or something like that?

Today I was working on an A0 sized world map marked with musicians/bands from every country.


It is my favourite map so far…not because of anything I’ve done but simply because I’ve been listening to new music from every corner of the planet. Here are 5 tunes I’ve enjoyed listening too so far..

1 Pierre Akendengu (Gabon)

2 Hukwe Zawose (Tanzania)

3 Shoukichi Kina (Japan)

4 Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuva, part of Russian Federation)

5  Los Vikings (El Salvador)



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