big hands

wp-1452600683513.jpgI got a tablet for Christmas.
The last tablet, a Hudl 2  met an unfortunate end on Inis Oírr, bouncing on the laminate floor of Kieran’s house and cracking the screen.
It was a good tablet and I was waiting for Christmas to replace it. But Tesco stopped making them and a Lenovo Yoga 2 was bought instead.

It has an amazing battery but unusual shape.
But what I’ve noticed is that I’m writing less. The change of tapping buttons to screen means that I find it harder to get a flow of words going. In fact the fact that his blog is happening is because I happened to pick up the laptop for the first time in a month. If I was on the tablet I wouldn’t have bothered.

Tapping a screen is less intuitive for my Mars Bar fingers and means that I get frustrated more easily.
This makes me wonder if people with bigger hands have been writing less as technology and screens have become smaller and more a matter of typing?
Are big people less likely to blog or write emails or messages to friends as they are more likely to get tired of the whole process?
It is maybe less intuitive as you have to concentrate more on hitting the right buttons  as your hand gets bigger?

Also is quality of writing likely to suffer as you’re less likely to make the effort to change things?

On the other hand maybe it’s good that blog posts like this are less likely to appear when I’m on a tablet!


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