beers of ’15

I’ve had a couple of beers in ’15.*

And because 2015 is now drawing to an end I’ve been reflecting on which beers I’ve particularly enjoyed this year. So here it is!

The most perfect beer I had this year was in early September.
It was this bottle of Westmalle Tripel on a campsite on the Île de Ré.
It was everything. The taste of the beer and the joy of being somewhere beautiful on holidays. H__ was swimming, I was doodling, I was simply content.

And what did it taste like? I don’t remember. Sweet or something and good. An honourable mention as well to the Chimay Blue that was bought at the same time as this Westmalle. It was also tasty.

If I was going to choose a favourite beer from 2015, one that I had a few times and thought ‘This is just a great beer‘ it would be Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock.
It was on tap a few times in the Salt House and for a fair price.  It reminds me a little of Veda bread (in a good way)and it’s a beer I’ll always keep an eye out for. It would be perfect for sitting near a fire at this time of year.

Just like the Aecht Shlenkerla Rauchbier.

This is a beer that reminds me of Ulster American Folk Park. You know when you go into a house with an open fire and there is that smell of turf and smoke? .
Or you know those smoked Austrian cheeses  that looked like a sausage?
That is where this beer takes me.

What other beers did I enjoy?
I know you probably don’t care but still I’m going to tell you.

Well I remember picking up a bottle of Fuller’s London Porter in Supervalu and really enjoying it. (I mean really enjoying it.)
And the Fuller’s ESB I picked up in Sainsbury’s in Newry was lovely.

Speaking of porters here are two more I remember thinking great.

Viven Porter is brewed in Belgium and is lovely.

Even better in my humble opinion was the Founders Porter.
For pure unadulterated taste I was probably the high point of the year.

Although I think that Beavertown Black Betty might push it close.That is a very tasty beer.

In writing this I notice that I don’t have any Irish beers listed. It’s not that I haven’t tried any (far  from it!) and that there haven’t been ones I’ve enjoyed (there have been!).

It’s just that I’d be lying if I said there was an Irish beer which I absolutely loved in 2015.
I’ll always enjoy a pint of Porterhouse Wrasslers XXXX,  I’m fond of Galway Bay Brewery Buried at Sea and their Dortmunder.

Thinking about it I think that I’d prefer to drink a good local beer than drinking  world class beers imported from the other side of the world. ..but that is a discussion for another day!
word of beer

* not strictly true..I might have had more than ‘a couple’


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