the rights of the unborn child

I noticed that Evangelical Alliance and PCI both put out public statements on the issue of abortion in Northern Ireland yesterday.


Phrases like ‘protecting the rights of the unborn child’ are interesting to me because when it comes to Evangelicals speaking it seems to be a phrase solely applied to the issue of abortion.
But if we’re concerned about the the right of a child to grow up in a normal, healthy, safe, nurturing environment like many of us did why do we not take the issue of climate change with more urgency?If child is born in a country which is facing drought because we wouldn’t cut down on our lavish carbon emitting lifestyles where does that leave us morally?Are we all implicated as a society who denied children the right to life?

There a meeting in Paris which could have huge implications for the rights of unborn children all over earth and where is the passion and urgency?Where is the call to prayer and statements from our churches?

If we care about being peacemakers or stopping refugees before the have to flee their homes and become refugees we need to pray for the leaders meeting in Paris the next few weeks. Is there a more urgent issue for Christians who would call themselves ‘pro life’ to pray about?



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