what I like about the pub

salthouse silk
I can walk home from it ..or to it… or both if I feel like it.

(Well actually it is 6km away but it’s a nice walk along the sea. Just put the earphones on and walk… )

If you like your Guinness you’ll have absolutely no problem in finding Guinness or Heineken in most or every bar in Ireland. And that is OK for the majority of people who like it that way.

But if you want to try something different, something that isn’t AB InBev …well, there’s not so much choice….that’s why I am fortunate to live near a bar that offers so many good beers in such a small space within walking distance of my house. Because there are a lot of places in Ireland where I couldn’t walk to and try a doppelbock.

Lot’s of the beer on tap are brewed locally or are Irish.
l like that.
I like that the person brewing beer might be in the same pub asking how the beer is pouring or that you can tell him that you really enjoyed such and such. You are unlikely to find the head brewer of Budweiser or Carlsberg asking you if you are enjoying your pint.

I like that they don’t serve big brand names like Guinness, Budweiser, Miller etc.

In my opinion they are too big and have too much power so I don’t want to give them more. They have enough money and profit.
If there is a choice between supporting small local producers or buying from multi national brands I want to support the small producers. I think that it’s a better policy for caring for the environment. It feels more like a two way relation-SHOP *gettit?*

I like the people who work there. They call me by name and care about the beer they are selling. They are sound.

I also like the customers. The faces you see regularly about the place are dead on and there is always a good mix of tourists popping in. There are sound as well.

It’s not too big and impersonal. If it’s not too busy you don’t feel isolated.

No uniform as in formal button shirts and that sort of thing. I don’t feel relaxed around people who are wearing uniforms…or formal uniforms.

It feels quite creative which I appreciate.
New beers,designs,places,colours, tastes, people popping in etc means that you feel new ideas milling about the place.

The bar is a good height for me to sit at and doodle on…and dawdle on.


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