helium legs

light a light b light c


My friend asked me the other day about my legs.
It took me a while to realise what he was talking about. My helium legs!

Sometimes when I go to bed at night my legs feel like they’re going to float up to the roof. The only thing to do is to weigh them down with the heavy black blanket on the bed.

It doesn’t happen every night but usually after a day when I’ve been feeling quite creative and ideas have been flowing naturally. Is it just excitement and adrenaline flowing? I don’t know.

Funnily enough nothing annoys me more than the way the beds are made in hotels and tucked tightly in. As soon as I get into a bed like that I’m kicking to get out of it and loosen blankets.

I actually haven’t experienced the helium leg feeling for a while.
But on Sunday night I noticed that my head was feeling quite light instead resulting in me weighing my head down with a pillow.
light d

light e

I hadn’t done that for a while but when I was a kid I liked to do it more. It was soothing being in a pillow sandwich Maybe that is normal?

Sometimes I get over stimulated. Noise goes for me. Not any noise mind.
Builders are working on the house next door and using hammer drills. It doesn’t bother me.
One of the those leaf sweeping machines was doing the street down the road and the noise nearly drove me demented. Thinking about it now makes me tense up. I’ll maybe attack the man from the council next time he rolls up Knocknacarra with his machine.

Colour combinations can go for me as well. The colours of a packet of kitchen cleaning wipes left on a sideboard makes me want to punch a wall. It just looks so out of place.

Fabric is another thing that can drive me crazy.I don’t care how tatty and ink stained a piece of clothing is as long as it doesn’t poke me in the wrong places.

I spend each morning picking out socks that won’t irritate me. I can judge how my day will go depending on my sock choice. (Maybe I could streamline my life by throwing out the socks that are too tight? The amazing ideas you get before midnight on a Thursday night!)

Some people wonder why I don’t wear my wedding ring. The simple answer is that it makes me feel queasy.

The list could go on.

The one thing that relaxes me though is a long round stainless steel hand rail such as the one on Wolfe Tone bridge in Galway after a rain shower. I can’t think of anything that feels nicer that running my hand along the rail the whole length of the bridge. My hand stays cool because of the rain droplets, there is no friction,there is the sound of the river, I’m walking in somewhere I like.

Maybe I need to install some type of circular stainless steel barrier in the garden so I could just walk around in circles when I get the helium leg or ill fitting socks feeling? But would it be the same in the garden without the sound of the Corrib and big view down the river? Would I worry my neighbours think that I’m strange?
Who knows? Who cares!


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