‘Food has the tact to disappear..’


‘Cooking something delicious is really much more satisfactory than painting pictures or throwing pots. At least for most of us. Food has the tact to disappear, leaving room and opportunity for masterpieces to come. The mistakes don’t hang on the walls or stand on the shelves to reproach you for ever.It follows from this that kitchens should be thought of as the centre of the house. They need above all space for talking, playing, bringing up children, sewing, having a meal, reading, sitting and thinking. One may have to walk about a bit, but where’s the harm in that? Everything will not be ship-shape, galley fashion, but it’s in this kind of place that good food has flourished. It’s from this secret retreat that the exploration of man’s curious and close relationship with food, beyond the point of nourishment can start’

Jane Grigson, Good Things


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