The Main Thing is the Sea

So this past week I made an EP (of sorts, think more pre demo demo, somewhere between Lo-Fi and No-Fi).
The aim was to write and record it in a week.

The advantage of doing it quickly is that you don’t have time to think, worry or fuss about it too much, or at all. You just try to get from head to computer speaker within a week. You don’t have time to think about ways you could improve it (which are infinite) or make the sound quality better. It is what it is I guess, for better or worse.

I’m not really sure where the desire to try and do it came from as I’d given up this sort of thing and wasn’t missing it much at all.

I might have been gently encouraged by a friend. H was up in Belfast. The house was quiet. I got some recording equipment working again with a few MacGyver moves and a SNES adaptor.
I was sitting in a house in Inisheer with a 5 stringed guitar and just recorded how I felt looking out on the Atlantic. It was on my mobile phone and the sound quality was crap. I still liked it though and thought ‘Maybe I should try to record some more music’. It seemed like something I needed to do.

But I’m still not really sure where they came from.

And now that they’re done  I don’t know what to with them.

They probably not something you  would want to stick on a mp3 player for people coming around to the house for tapas. I mean they’ll always mean something to me because I wrote them but I can understand perfectly why they wouldn’t mean anything to someone else. So why put them out there? What’s the point?
I don’t really know. But here I am putting them out there.

There is so much music, good music, polished, lo-fi music produced by people in studios and by people with great voices, people who are confident singing in front of people, who are brilliant lyricists, who rage against the system, who polish stuff.
That’s not me. The problem is that I don’t really know what I am when it comes to music, or life, or art, or anything really. A bit  ‘throughother’ as my mum has used to describe me in the past.

I like this quote by Albert Camus:-

‘A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.’

A work of art is a confession.I like that. A sort of getting things off your chest.
Or it’s like being trapped.
You have to create stuff for your own sanity if nothing else. When you’ve made your thing you think that you can’t just leave it hidden away even if nobody else cares much for them. What was the point in making it if you don’t share it with someone else?
So you share them I guess.

PS  Bandcamp sound quality is better and you can download the songs there. Youtube has pictures of the places the songs are about. Birds are great black backed gull, chough, sandwich tern, sand martin, herring gull, mute swan, brent geese


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