reading again and again


‘What I mean by reading is not skimming, not being able to say as the world saith, ‘Oh! yes, I’ve read that’, but reading again and again, in all sorts of moods, with an increase of delight every time, till the thing read has become a part of your system and goes forth along with you to meet with any new experience you may have.
If you want to share the joys of the intensive reader you must almost abandon the hope of being a really extensive reader too.

C.E. Montague, A Writer’s Notes on His Trade

I liked this.
Some part of me wishes that I had seen more of the classic movies, or listened to a lot more variety when it comes to the music.
When it comes to books I feel uncultured  in not having read lots of the books that people tell me I should have read (especially fiction).

But on the other hand I feel like I never actually read the books that I did enjoy reading. Or that I haven’t really listened to the music that I have listened too over and over again.
Maybe I just have to accept that I might be happy with all the books, music, movies I’ve enjoyed so far and that it’s not bad thing to enjoy them all over again.


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