It happened yesterday morning at about 10am.

I was walking into Galway minding my own business as I like to do on Sunday mornings if the weather allows and I’m feeling walkative.
A rental car (a 151 reg, map unfolded in the passenger seat, probably a tourist heading towards the Aran Islands or out west) dangerously pulled out of a junction in front of a blue car with right of way who was motoring along the main road. This infuriated this particular motorist who then proceeded to beep his horn and go all Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’ at the rental car.

Sunday morning road rage central! puddle

It was then I noticed I was trapped between a wall and a long (but narrow) puddle by  the side of the road.
The beeping had distracted me and I wandering into the puddle danger zone.
I stopped and stared at the road rage driver just to let them know that I was beside the puddle and that they should make sure that the don’t drive through it.

But such was his rage that he either didn’t see me or else didn’t care. The blue car headed straight through the puddle and soaked me from head to toe. I trudged home again.

On the road home I was wondering if this was a lesson from God about human nature.

Some people are so angered by the bad driving of other people that they can’t see their own bad driving.

They may well have right of way, they might be well within their rights to be angry at the dangerous driving of other people but they don’t seem to be able to notice their own dangerous driving.

A good place to see this sort of attitude is the sort of comment you’ll read regarding religion on the Guardian website. Such is the anger and hatred of some people towards religion and how in their eyes it has spread hatred and intolerance that they seem to be ignorant or else not care about their own intolerance and hatred to other people. If you’re going to get justifiably angry and aggressive about people being intolerant to a minority in society such gay people how about making sure you aren’t angry and aggressive to a minority in return? Stop belittling the religious belief of other people and making out that they are thick bigots who haven’t a clue about life. Otherwise I’d say you’re being a hypocrite.

And I suppose that I can’t help thinking about this marriage referendum a little. In your anger at the other persons bad driving are you being more than a little reckless yourself?


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