God Bless you Weary Gentlemen

106 saisonsAh beautiful Galway, Galway with your Christmas fairy lights arched over Shop Street, big boots and paper bags, meandering and dandering walks around Eyre Square, blitzed looking husbands, harried wives, boyfriends doing their duty, students gaggling like geese on The 12 pubs of Christmas, (welcomed with open arms in some pubs or shunned for the chaos you bring in reindeer jumpers)
I love you Galway,
or the perception I have of you right now,
what I see before me sitting outside McCambridge’s on the Friday before Christmas.
God bless you Galway.
God bless your streets and locals, tourists and blow-ins just like me.
God bless you Galway this Christmas.
I pray the idol of over-consumption will be toppled but that we celebrate with joy, that loneliness,despair, gnawing fear be toppled,
may all those oppressed by systems of injustice and greed be free, may eyes be opened, may we see the hope and way out of our mess, may violence be curtailed and eradicated, may we instead commit ourselves to peace and hospitality, may we embrace grace and unconditional love, may those captivated by evil be released by the Prince of Peace, the King of Christmas, Immanuel,  Jesus.


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