new beer’s resolution top 10

I think that it’s fair to say that I’ve succeeded in keeping my first ever New Year’s Resolution which involved the *not very taxing* undertaking of trying to drink a different beer each week for an entire calendar year. I know there are still a few weeks left in 2014 but that’s OK, I’m not a stickler for rules.

I’ve a rough league table at the bottom but here are the 10 beers I’ve enjoyed the most (so far this year). I’m not one for going into depth of how they tasted. Some just hit the spot for various reasons

1 Fyne Ales Jarl

Nice grapefruit citrus taste and low ABV (3.8%) session beer. Brewed in Scotland.

2 Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Brewed in California so hello there carbon footprint. Tasted lovely but I’d rather drink something more local if possible. Also pretty high abv of 7.2%. I think that they might sell it in Tesco.

3 Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

This was really nice. I think I read in this article that the Tesco Finest Porter was brewed by the same brewery so it might be worth checking out (before it’s discontinued).

4 Thornbridge Chiron

I drank this really early on in the New Beer’s Resolution year so I’ve a sneaky suspicion I mightn’t rate it as highly if I tried it again. But who knows? Maybe it would still taste great.

5 Mikeller Beer Geek Breakfast

Brewed in Denmark and hs lovely oatmeal taste. Definitely one for the winter months.

6 Galway Bay Brewery Of Foam and Fury

This is probably one you have to be in the mood for but I remember tasting it one day and I was in the mood and it was good. It’s also good because its from my local brewery and Irish as well. Very high abv of 8.5%.

7 Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack

Another from Fyne Ales. I’ve liked all the beers I’ve tried from them so far so they might be a brewery to check out if you’re ordering stuff on line.

8 St Bernardus Wit

In my head I think this might have been my favourite beer of the year. In fact I’m going to say that this was the beer I enjoyed the most this year. It’s worth reading the story of the Pierre Celis.

9 Thornbridge Jaipur

Another beer from Thornbridge Brewery.

10 Porterhouse Wrasslers 4X

I think this is probably my favourite Irish stout if it’s on tap. I also tried it out of a bottle in the summer and I didn’t like it as muc. I used to drink it the odd time on Mondays off when I was a youth worker in Dun Laoghaire so it sort of links back to my past a little which adds to the enjoyment.

(list of the order I had them in)
Double Axe Buxton
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Old Engine Oil
Thornbridge Chiron
Mikeller Beer Geek Breakfast
Of Foam and Fury
Hurricane Jack
St Bernardus Wittbeer
Sierra Nevada Harvest
Thornbridge Jaipur
Mojacar Craft Beer
8 Degrees Hurricane IPA
Bleddyn 1075
St Feullian Saison


8 Degrees Amberella
Buxton Brewery Moor Top

First Frontier IPA

Via Maris
Porterhouse Oyster Stout

Beerd Monterey
Blacks Black
Wrasslers 4x

White Gypsy Dubháin

Galway Hooker Stout (same as Bonaparte’s Stout?)
Porterhouse Plain
Brewfist Caterpillar

Bonaparte Stout
Old Henry


Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Towncrier Hobsons
Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Metalman Pale Ale

Stormy Port
Kill Your Darlings
Knockmealdown Porter

Buxton Brewery Far Skyline

Anchor Saison Summer Ale
Horn8s Nest White IPA
Buried at Sea

Brooklyn Brewery  Summer Ale

Howling Gale Ale
Tom Crean’s Lager

White Gypsy Ruby Red

Brewdog Punk IPA
Donegal Blonde
White Gypsy Amber Pale Ale

Moor Top , Buxton
White Gypsy Medieval Ale

White Gypsy Weissbeer
Bath Ales Gem
Brú Rua

Hobsons Champion Mild

N17 Rye Ale

Five Lamps
Kinnegar Rustbucket Rye Ale
Franciscan Well Shandon Stout

Unertl (think this was a personal taste decision, not lack of quality!)

Shipward Fuggles IPA


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