the big freeze

A few weeks ago everyone was telling me that we were due the coldest winter ever, that very cold weather and snow would come mid Nov and we’d all freeze.  They had read it in the newspapers like the Irish Examiner, Belfast Telegraph, The Irish Mirror. People in the pub told me, mum told me, I saw links on Twitter, I was thinking of ordering in extra oil. No sign of the snow so far, but who knows?

From what I can tell it was a based on the prediction of Exacta weather, a small privately funded operation that does a lot of weather forecasting for the Daily Express. Perhaps they get it right some years, like if I predicted that Man Utd are going to win the league every year. Some years they would but that wouldn’t make me a genius.

I came across this blog on the BBC website from 2012:-

‘Weather sells newspapers they said; admitting that each and every time they had a front page story on extreme weather, their circulation went up by around 10%.’

The thing that pisses me off most about this stuff  is because the media run with the sensational weather predictions of this guy (to sell papers) people begin to think that we can’t predict what the weather is going to do,. The headlines  based on the predictions of people who study weather and climate say that we’re going to freeze to death every and every year they’re wrong.  So how can the climate scientists predict that polar ice caps or glaciers will melt? How can they tell that storms will become more frequent and more powerful? Scientists and forecasters haven’t a clue etc, we don’t need to change our lifestyles.


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