the wessex

A helicopter has just flown over the house.It sounded like the motor of the Wessex, a sound of my childhood growing up, the sound of helicopters, the Gazelle, Puma and Lynx, the Chinook.Helicopters flying over Tyrone were an almost daily occurrence.Especially at high school with the army barracks nearby.

I found myself saying in my head ‘That sounds like a British Army Wessex’.
The British Army bit seemed important to me.Most of my life I would have just called it an army Wessex(like I called the Army barracks a few sentences ago).Now it seems important to note that it was the British Army Wessex.I’m not sure what that means or if it’s even slightly significant.Do I think I’m Irish and see Britain as a different place now?Do I think no army is ‘the army?’The other thing I realised today is that I’m an immigrant.Or am I?Who cares?:)


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