Dirty Wars

Some of the camera work and hushed voiced commentary in this Oscar nominate documentary nearly drove me demented. Also the fact that what most seemed to shock Jeremy Scahill was that the US would assassinate US citizens. He was shocked that the US would kill Yemeni and Afghan women and children but once it was a US citizen it seemed to really shocked him. Why is this particularly beyond the pale?
It tells the story of how the US fights covert wars using JSoc (Joint Special Operations Command ) which seems to be an unaccountable hit squad who have to answer no one except the President himself. They are assassins, covert secretive Special Forces who can take out targets in the middle of the night. If they get things wrong they don’t have to face the music because they are doing it in secret They have struck in over 70 countries. 70 countries! In a way they are like Obama’s paramilitary or death squad. What happens if the guy after Obama is even worse than Obama? What happens when they couple this with the intelligence gathering from the NSA? Someone who voices dissent about the US and stirs up trouble (trouble as defined by some secretive people we know nothing about) could find themselves in deep trouble.

I have no time for Obama or the US Government and pontificating about Ukraine and the Crimea or international law. Putin is creepy, Obama is creepy as well.To blow up women in children with cruise missiles in countries or drone strikes or to tell foreign presidents to keep journalists locked up for telling the truth is wrong. The Navy SEAL’s etc aren’t modern day folk heroes, they’re men who kill their enemies and killing isn’t something to be proud of.
So I recommend the film if you can stick with the camera work.


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